Cancer Science & Research


Hormonal Therapy in Gynecologic Malignancy

Hend Ahmed EL-Hadaad, Hanan Ahmed wahba, Hisham Abdrabuh A ALthobaiti, Abdulrahman R Alrubayee.

In endometrial cancer, hormonal therapy is used for treatment of endometrioid histologies. Because endometrial stromal sarcoma also expresses estrogen (ER) and progesterone (PR) receptors, adjuvant targeted hormonal treatment is beneficial to reduce recurrence. Combination hormonal therapy for advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer is an attractive treatment alternative for selected patients, especially those with hormone receptor–positive tumors. The potential response rate and the low toxicity profile associated with these agents make them a suitable therapeutic first choice for many such patients. A significant proportion of ovarian cancers including both epithelial and stromal varieties express both estrogen and/or progesterone receptors so, hormonal therapy has role in treatment of such cancer. The most commonly used agents are progestens, tamoxifen, luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone and aromatase inhibitors.

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