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Hybrid Lifting Homologous Therapy® (HLH THERAPY®) A New Step in Natural Face Lift

Authors: Tsioumas G. Sotirios MD

Traditionally, the only way to improve the signs of aging and in general the ptosis of the face contour due to aging was the surgical lifting. The famous facelift. Based on the basic principles of face anatomy and surgical lifting, the HLH THERAPY (Hybrid Lifting Homologous) appeared. An alternative natural lifting treatment, where in a natural and autologous way, without changing the shape of the face or the characteristics we manage to go back in time an give a younger look. It is a bloodless treatment that gives the same results as surgical lifting, both in duration and appearance, but without the risk of distortion of characteristic or undesirable side effects. HLH Therapy uses both, the Plasma exeresis technique using the PLEXR ® microsurgical device and the autologous threads treatment using the needle shaping technique and the machine Vibrance. Briefly during the treatment we have the simultaneous expansion of the thickness of the elastic fibers, reducing their length, changing their direction from vertical to horizontal (through Needle Shaping), while at the same time with the Plasma exeresis Techniques and the machine Plexr ®we have sublimation of excess of skin. Plexr® sublimates, does not pass the basement membrane but makes a sublimation of the corneocells, shrinking of the elastic fibers and at this point stabilizes the autologous thread. This parallel application of these two separate therapies (autologous threads with Needle Shaping Technioques and sublimation and shrinking of elastic fibers with the use of Plasma Exeresis in the same time) is the synthesis of the HLH methodology. We can say that it is the next step in soft surgery applications. The results are impressive, with only few days of recovery and no anesthetic use. The treatment was first inspired by surgeon ophthalmologist Sotiris Tsioumas and was first developed by him after six years research and experience.

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