Journal of Medical – Clinical Research & Reviews

Open Access ISSN: 2639-944X


Handling of Solid Waste of Health and Its Risks: Ambulatory of Oncology

Authors: Maria Isabel Ramos and Karina Pavão Patrício

Objective: Investigate and describe the production, collection and disposal of residues of health services (RHS) and characterize the exposure of Oncology staff from Cape Verde Hospital.

Method: A descriptive study with quantitative and qualitative methodology, using semi-structured questionnaire, chek list and on-site observations to investigate the situation of the solid health waste handling and its risks. The participants in this study were professionals from a hospital who handle solid chemotherapy waste, in total 50 participants.

Results: The data point to the lack of training of professionals exposing them to risks of occupational accidents, inadequate handling of RHS in the oncology outpatient clinic and to serious socio-environmental risks. 

Conclusion: Professionals, patients, general population and the environment are exposed to risks because of lack of training and an appropriate management plan of RHS.

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