International Journal of Psychiatry Research


Provide Continuity of Care to Psychotic and Schizophrenic Patients Followed in Chud / Borgou

DJIDONOU Anselme, AYONOU Pacôme Yémalin, TOGNON-TCHEGNONSI Francis, ADJIDO ComlanThéodore, FIOSSI-KPADONOU Emilie.

Introduction: Continuity of care required for psychotic and schizophrenic patients increases their life quality significantly. The goal was to assess the specialized care system for psychotic patients followed in psychiatry department at Borgou’s Departmental University Hospital Center (CHUD/B) of Parakou.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional study which consisted in collecting 106 psychotic patients’ medical records followed in Psychiatric Department of CHUD/B from January 2008 to December 2017. Data were collected through an interview using a questionnaire, which includes the Continuity of care and ASK-20 adherence barrier survey scales.

Results: The sex ratio was 1.3 with a male predominance (56.60%). The mean age was 36.22 ± 10.56 years (11 to 63 years). Treatment adherence was 62.3% and determinants of care continuity were: treatment adherence, a medical professional follow-up and the participation of entourage.

Conclusion: Continuity of care for psychotic and schizophrenic patients is the result of the treatment adherence which depends on the participation of care process helpers.

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