Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

Open Access ISSN: 2639-9458


A Combination of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Steroid for Treatment of Severe COVID-19

Authors: Murwan Mohamed Saeed, Ahlam Abdulrasoul Musa

COVID-19 is viral infectious disease that appears in Wuhan city in China as severe pneumonia and soon it spread in most of the countries as a pandemic. Although COVID-19 appear as severe pneumonia that through hypoxia result in ARDS, in short time a lot of studies shows pathogenesis differ from real ARDS, and depend on the pathogenesis many trials was done to find treatment.

This study based on pathogenesis theory that shows it is not typical ARDS but the virus removing iron and result in high serum ferritin level that affect the liver, and at same time carboxyhaemoglubin developed and sever hypoxia occur. Same theory shows that NK cell and T- lymphocyte are not involved in the immunity response in COVID.

Presence of fever and lymphopenia plus hyperferritinaemia make this similar to haemophgocytic lyphohistocytosis (HLH) and so steroid will be essential in treatment, and based on formation of carboxyhaemoglubin the role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy will be beneficial. So, the combination of HBOT and steroid will help in resolving hypoxia and its consequences in covid-19 patients.

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