Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

Open Access ISSN: 2639-9458


The COVID-19 Infection in Lombardia comes from China

Authors: Cornelli Umberto, Belcaro Giovanni, Cesarone Maria Rosaria, RecchiaMartino, Cotellese Roberto

Background: Environmental and demographic variables may have an impact on the COVID-19 infection.

Objective: To correlate the number of Foreign Residents in Italy, particularly in Lombardia, with the positive cases of COVID-19.

Methods: Data concerning COVID-19 were taken from the public records of the Italian Protezione Civile updated up to May 25th, and the number of Foreign Residents was retrieved from the publically available data.

Results: The positive cases in Lombardia are correlated with Chinese residents while for Romanian, Ukrainian, Albanian and Moroccan residents no correlation was found.

Conclusions: The COVID-19 pandemia diffusion in Lombardia seems correlated to the number of Chinese residents.

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