Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

Open Access ISSN: 2639-9458


Corona Virus Containment and Emerging Challenges in Nigeria

Authors: Ogoh Alubo, Sharon Ene Alubo, Adah Sylvester Alubo

Making a debut in Wuhan China in December 2019, the new Corona Virus, now called COVID-19, rapidly transformed into a pandemic afflicting all continents and corners of the world by January 2020. The response in Nigeria has copied the blueprint of the West, namely: - lockdown, social (really, physical) distancing, regular hand washing, stay at home, and various levels of lockdown. Nigeria’s response has so far made little impact in stemming the levels of infection. Within the month of May, the figure went up six-fold, and continues to rise. Recent high fatalities in some locations suggest that COVID-19-related deaths are being labelled as “mysterious deaths”. The criteria for tests in the country are limited only to those with symptoms or under quarantine; and only about 60,000 have been tested by end of May. The national response has generated controversies, including militarization of enforcement, poor services in some isolation centres and continued lockdown with little palliatives. It is concluded that besides making little impact on the spread, the current strategy has imposed more burden on the people and is exacerbating existing privations.

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