Clinical Immunology & Research

Open Access ISSN: 2639-8494


Ivermectin and Herd Immunity in SARS COV2 Pandemic from Local Experience to Broader Possibility

Authors: Hector E Carvallo, Roberto R Hirsch.

Immunity can be natural or artificial, and each of them –in turn- active or passive. Artificial active immunity is vaccine-induced (possibly long acting). Active natural immunity is that obtained by becoming ill (it is the longest, the most efficient, but also the most risky, if the disease in question is potentially lethal). When at least 70% of the population reaches immunity, we speak of "herd immunity", with which it is assumed that community transmission is reduced to a minimum. We have developed an ivermectin-based treatment for SARS COV2 infection, which has proven to reduce mortality on a 7:1 scale, in moderate and/or critical cases, and to prevent mild cases from progressing to more severe stages –thus staying as out patients- but, in all of them, humoral immunity was achieved in a reasonable amount.

If these procedures were applied on a larger, broader scale, we could achieve herd immunity, without waiting for the vaccines to be developed, and without the hazards their manufacturers haven´t yet disclaimed.

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