Diabetes & its Complications

Open Access ISSN: 2639-9326


Deep Abscess in Diabetic Patients

Authors: Lygie Sephora Kibhat Odiki, Nassim Essabah Haraj, Amal Mjabber, Siham El Aziz, Asma Chadli.

Introduction: Uncontrolled diabetic patients are susceptible to infections, especially deep abscesses. The objective of our work was to analyze, clinical, biological, radiological and bacteriological characteristics of deep abscesses in patients who have diabetes and identify the factors that promote them.

Patients and Methods: We included 120 diabetic patients hospitalized from June 2017 to November 2018.

Results: The characteristics of our patients revealed a sex ratio H/F of 1.55 with a mean age of 46.72 ± 15 years. Type 2 diabetes predominates (79.2%) and mean HBA1c was 10.54 ± 2%. Admitted patients with hyperglycemia (67.5%) and ketosis (22.5%), in a feverish context (44.2%). Clinical signs were localized pain depending on the site of infection in 45.8% of patients and 10% had atypical signs. Abscess sites were polymorphic. The main contributing factor to these infections was irregular follow-up (49%, p<0,001). Imaging guided the therapeutic conduct. Treatment consisted of intensified insulin therapy, surgical drainage, antibitherapy. The evolution was favorable in 97.5% and 3 patients died of post-operative pulmonary embolism or septic shock.

Conclusion: We found a high proportion of chronic hyperglycemia associated with deep abscesses, underscoring the value of careful clinical examination even when an unspecific clinical picture.

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