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Open Access ISSN: 2639-9490


Orthognathic Surgery Impression on Quality of life: Integral Perception

Authors: Dr. Rawaa Y. Al-Rawee, Dr. Ahmad G. Mohammed Sharif, Dr. Bashar Abdul-Ghani Tawfeeq.

Background: Patients with severe functional abnormalities are disappointed with their real facial appearance. Assessing the different perceptions and motivations influence in patients seeking orthognathic surgeries on their quality of life are the aims of this clinical study. This done by applying specific questioners' forms before and after treatment for demonstrates the patient's satisfaction with the result too. This can improve the success rate of orthognathic surgeries by improve patients expectations and satisfactions.

Material and Method: Fifty participants are chosen to share in this retrospective study attained the Multi- Disciplinary Team Committee in Al-Salam Teaching Hospital. Patients' age groups are from 17-40 years, no specific gender included in the study. Patients agree to participate and answering the  uestioners pre and post surgeries. Patients are nonsmokers with no medical disease history. Out of these inclusion criteria; patients excluded from the study. Patients with cleft lip and palate or any other syndromes that affect the dentofacial growth are also excluded.

Result: Age, gender, education level and marital status as social variables intended in this study; show no statistical differences concerning the questioner's answers as reached by statistical analysis by Independent Sample t Test and One Way Anova Test. Significant differences (0.000) have been observed between preoperative and postoperative satisfaction according to Paired Sample t Test.

Conclusion: Reaching optimum patients satisfaction is challenge as well as changing quality of life of our patients are provocation. In this article by using of different multiple questioners for integral perception in orthognathic surgery patients are crucial and more suitable for good understanding of patient's willing.

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