Gynecology & Reproductive Health

Open Access ISSN: 2639-9342


Recurrent Miscarriage and Consanguinity among Omani Women– A Cross Sectional Study

Authors: Fatma Al Hoqani, Wadha Al Ghafri, Saneya El tayeb, Yahya Al Farsi, Vaidyanathan Gowri

Objective: to determine the prevalence of explained and unexplained recurrent miscarriages (RM) and to find out if there is a significant relationship between recurrent miscarriages and consanguinity.

Methods: A cross sectional in which the cases group included all women with RM attending the outpatient clinic at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital from July 2006 to April 2012 and the controls group included women with no history of RM after matching them with cases for age (case to control ratio was 1:1). The main outcome measures were the prevalence of consanguinity in women with or without recurrent miscarriages.

Results: During study period a total of 290 women with RM were seen. Of which, 150 (51.7%) women had unexplained RM. Control group with no history of RM were 300 women. Consanguinity rate among cases (49.5%) %) was less than the controls (52.7 %%). Both first cousin and second cousin marriages were more common in the controls than the cases and it was not statistically significant (p value 0.476, chi squared test).

Conclusion: In this study we found that more than half of RM cases were unexplained and there was no significant association between RM and consanguinity.

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