Oral Health and Dental science

Open Access ISSN: 2639-9490


Rare Case of Huge Bi-Locular Dentigerous Cyst Involving Mandibular Canine

Authors: Maher Al-assaf, Ali Al-awad, Ahmad Al Manadili, Sami Ibrahim, Moutaz Al-Khen.

Dentigerous cyst is benign odontogenic cystic lesion that envelops the crown of an impacted tooth. Like odontogenic tumors, dentigerous cysts may grow to large sizes before they are diagnosed, and the large radiolucent cystic lesions associated with an impacted tooth are often diagnosed as odontogenic tumors like unicystic ameloblastoma or others developmental cystic lesions like odontogenic keratocyst, but less likely to be dentigerous cysts. In this case report we highlight the first case of huge bi-locular dentigerous cyst in a 35-year-old woman related with impacted mandibular canine.

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