Clinical Immunology & Research

Open Access ISSN: 2639-8494


Travel & Edible Vaccines

Authors: Reim Sheikh Mohammed.

Travel vaccinations reduce your chances of acquiring the disease & protect yourself & others from potential health hazards. Your age, health, previous vaccinations, Booster Shots, travel Destination & Time of year you are travelling, all these elements help determine whether you need certain vaccinations more than others. There is no single vaccination schedule that fits all travelers. Vaccination offers good protection against many diseases. Edible vaccines offer cost-effective, easily administrable, storable & widely acceptable as bio friendly particularly in developing countries. Oral administration of edible vaccines proves to be promising agents for reducing the incidence of various diseases like hepatitis and diarrhea especially in the developing world, which face the problem of storing and administering vaccines. Edible vaccines are obtained by incorporating a particular gene of interest into the plant, which produces the desirable encoded protein. Edible vaccines are specific to provide mucosal activity along with systemic immunity. Over all the problems associated with traditional vaccines & prove to be best substitutes to traditional vaccines. More important food vaccines might save millions who now die for lack of access to traditional inoculants.

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