Clinical Immunology & Research

Open Access ISSN: 2639-8494


Vaccination against Pneumococcus and Influenza in Old Age: Evidence- Based Geriatrics

Authors: Jiménez-Acosta Yenesis del Carmen, Mondragón-Cervantes Martha Ivón, De la Cruz-Pérez Cristy Noemí, Padilla-Sánchez Mónica Lizeth, Franco-Navarro Alfonso, Leal-Mora David, Díaz-Ramos Julio Alberto.

Populations around the world are rapidly ageing. Ageing presents a diminished function of the immune system which is known as immunosenescence; therefore, the elderly develop a greater susceptibility to infections such as influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia. Vaccines schemes are one of the most cost-effective strategies because they offer a cheap alternative of preventing morbidity and mortality. Demographic aging demands the improvement in elderly care in order to prevent geriatric syndromes, which affect not only dependency but also quality of life. Negative outcomes like disability could be related to an increased mortality and a decreased likelihood of influenza and pneumococcal vaccination in older people.

The establishment of the culture of primary prevention in health directed to the population of older adults, through the strategy of vaccination in old age is one of the great challenges of geriatric medicine and public health worldwide.

The aim of this manuscript is to present a detailed description of the current scientific evidence of vaccination against pneumococcus and influenza in older adults.

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