Gynecology & Reproductive Health

Open Access ISSN: 2639-9342


Non-Pituitary Down Regulation Protocol for Ovulation Induction in ART (IVF & ICSI)

Authors: Elmahaishi Asma, Zawawa Alia, Elmahaishi MS

There significant improvement has been seen in the pregnancy outcome, in the introduction of many ovarian stimulation protocols. The use of pituitary down regulation protocol gives better result in the quality and number of oocytes which leads to more Embryos and more Embryos to be freezed for transfer to the patient uterus latter.

From literature we found that pregnancy outcome in minimal stimulation protocol gives almost the same result, especially in advanced patients age with less side effect. In our study on 1652 patients who admitted for ICSI and started their ovarian stimulation by HMG or FSH without pituitary down regulation protocol. This protocol gives the pregnancy outcome same as in the other protocols with less side effects and low coast.

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