Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatology


A Sense of Integration Training Mode for 1~4 Years Small Children, withVery Sensitive, Crying a Lot, &/or Under-Development. How to Apply Morita Organs-Oriented Therapy and Differential from Sensory-Motor-Integration-Training

Shin-Siung Jung, Simon Jung, Pei-Rong Chang.

Purpose: Comparison of Morita Organs-Oriened Therapy (O-O Therapy) to Sensory-Motor-Integration training (SMI-Tx) to small children or under-development children.

Method and Material: See the short outline descriptions and each pictures of Morita Organs-Oriented Therapy 18 pictures in 4 pages; without classification or account numbers of observation children, or successful percentage. We would not agree that globed hands to massage the organs about the sizes and borderline without functional knowledge from blood tests.

In Everspring we use neuropsychiatric in-service recordings of chief complaints and past history etc. chart records in all attending days, and 7 days before with everything needing ready in discharge summary.

Result: We do not know what are diagnostic criteria of Morita Organs-Oriented Therapy. How was the prosperous for 5 years? what is present condition? From Visceral Manipulation (VM) was developed by French Osteopath and Physical Therapist Jean-Pierre Barral. Comparative studies found Visceral Manipulation beneficial for various disorders?

In 2018 There were 16 pupils maladjustment both at home and in the schools, were send to Everspring training center for two months. Before the ending 11farmialy (70%) do duplicate facilities, do the exercises at homes too. Therefore, there is high up to 78% successful rate.

Conclusion: We can see o-o therapy pictures. No other information. Probably no more prosperous or no more useless. From 2 months SMI-Tx at Eversping training center, we can get up to 78% improvement; in school Toni- 2 checking before and after ADHD get SMI-Tx 3months or not, twice improvement in TONI-2 up to p< o.o5 significant level. Intensive SMI-Tx treatment is superior to Morita Organs-Oriened Therapy (264).

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