Cancer Science & Research


Breast Cancer Relapse Prevention: Role of Anti-Relapsing Immunocorrection

Litvinenko OO, Tatskiy OF, Konovalenko VF, Konovalenko SV.

The article focuses on C-C chemokine ligand 5 (CCL5) as a prognostic factor for the breast cancer (BC) progression and presents the effects of the exogenous peptide preparation Arecur in the anti-relapsing immunocorrection programme in patients with BC. The study showed that the anti-relapsing immunocorrector Arecur contributed to a CCL5 expression reduction in patients with luminal A, luminal B, HER2+ and Triple Negative immunohistochemical subtypes of BC. During 60 months of patients’ follow-up who took Arecur (N=130), the disease progress was recorded in 10 patients (7.7%), and relapse-free survival made up 92.3%. In the group of patients who were not administered a course of preventive immunocorrection (N=96), the disease progress was recorded in 16 (16.7%), and relapse-free survival composed 83.3%. The presented differences were statistically significant – the hazard ratio HR=0.439 (0.20–0.96), p=0.035, which indicates the risk reduction of BC progression in the study group (Arecur) over the 5-year observation period by 56.1%. The study results allow regarding Arecur as a medicinal product for the routine BC relapse prevention in patients after surgical treatment.

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