Surgical Research

Open Access ISSN: 2689-1093


Acute Abdomen with Hemoperitoneum: A Rare Presentation Caused by The Rupture of Ovarian Granulosa Juvenile Cell Tumor

Authors: Hamillour B.

Granulosa juvenile cell tumors are rare neoplasms occur the most often before 20 years with a maximum of frequency between 0 and 10 years, in 44% of cases. These are rare tumors, less than 5% of ovarian tumors of the child and the teenager. 90% of these tumors are usually diagnosed at the stage 1 of the FIGO classification with a favourable prognosis. The presenting symptoms are usually nonspecific with abdominal pain or distension. Acute abdomen due to spontaneous rupture of (JGCT) is extremely rare clinical condition particularly in otherwise healthy subjects.

We report a case of acute abdomen in a young girl due to spontaneous rupture of ovarian tumor. The patient was taken up for emergency; laparotomy drainage of hemoperitoneum and left salpingo-oophorectomy was done.

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